Thailand’s most innovative

With the emergence of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, enhanced ride-sharing and a fundamental shift in the global automotive industry, BMC is perfectly positioned to meet the demands of automakers and Tier 1 suppliers. Thailand has the largest automotive industry in Southeast Asia, leveraging the ASEAN free trade area creates a large marketplace for vehicles licensed from foreign producers. BMC is dedicated to the improvement of performance of vehicles with our magnet wire products and aim to engineer the next generation of magnet wire products, providing seamless transfer and delivery to assembly plants. We also are able to provide solutions with starters, braking systems and various fan, blower, and wiper motors. Our manufacturing facilities are conveniently located around many of the world’s leading OEM’s and we are able to provide complete supply chain solutions to meet your every need.

Together, let’s engineer the future

With our engineering team, partner with us to build customized magnet wire products to meet your specifications and improve the performance and efficiency of your motors. BMC is able to provide the most innovative magnet wire products to help you deliver on the next generation of electric vehicles. We are able to design, manufacture and receive approval for your products to implement and integrate them to your supply chain as quickly as possible.