Our core values are driven around innovation and our manufacturing operations are leading the way for smart manufacturing. We are technologically driven to the core, from design to qualification and on through production, we work with you to develop the custom magnet wire products you need and bring it to market faster. We aim to be the standard for Industry 4.0 in Thailand.

Lean Manufacturing
We use lean manufacturing concepts to drive our operations, improve our processes and delivery higher quality, lower cost and faster delivery times to our customers.

Genba Kaizen
We are continuously improving our operations to limit waste and defects, delivering higher quality and lower cost products to our customers. This is done through establishing a lean office with individual initiatives and small group activities to implement lean manufacturing concepts across the value stream.

Integration of Quality Control
We have made significant investments to integrate quality control with our manufacturing lines such as the latest technology in blister detection and voltage testing.

Vertical Integration
Due to our manufacturing capabilities and strategic position, we reduce inventory and WiP with supply chain management and long-term arrangements with our suppliers.

Factory 4.0
Value driven smart manufacturing and data analytics With our new manufacturing facilities, we have partnered with Bosch to implement the latest manufacturing technology and data analytics to increase quality, optimize supply chain management and lower costs.

RFID Kanban System
With industrial RFID solutions, we are able to automate inventory management, prevent supply shortages and lower purchase costs.

Manufacturing Execution System
The latest MES software provides us with analytical insights into quality, energy management and predictive maintenance amongst other key areas.

Auto Guided Vehicles
We implemented electrical powered AGVs to improve efficiency and reduce waste, leading to less bottleneck and capacity issues and better inventory management capabilities.